More updates coming soon!

I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates on this site within the last couple weeks. Lately things have been getting pretty busy between the holidays and full time work(outside of this app), and to make it even more so, I have an upcoming trip to Costa Rica in a week to worry about.

I know a lot of people like our app, but also have one major qualm: it doesn’t come with data in it. I’d like to reassure everyone that I am working on this feature. Part of the problem was I didn’t feel like there was a good scheme for how to tackle this. This problem has been solved, and now I’m working on collecting and filtering public shipwreck data that you’ll be able to download.

As of right now, my plan is to release a minor update in the next week or two that will address some UI issues with the iPad and also introduce some minor tweaks to the tables. The good news is I expect sometime early next year we’ll launch 2.0, which will bring the download functionality to our app.

Thank you for your support and patience.

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We’re live!

Yesterday our new app Marine Wrecks was approved and published on the app store. We’re very happy to have finally completed it, however we do have some features that are still left undone.

We have already submitted an update that you can read about our update section of our website. We’re hoping it will come along within a week or so. With it provides some small changes with the functionality plus some minor bug fixes.

Finally, we had hoped to release with set of data that our app would pull from our server and essentially re-populate and fill it up with public domain shipwrecks. We opted out of doing so for our initial release. We still hope to do so eventually, but currently our focus is on updating our functionality and interface, and expanding our public database too.

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