Location Services

Marine Wrecks utilizes Apple’s MapKit framework and services to order to provide a convenient to view location based data. In order to do this, location services must be enabled. These permissions can be disabled, however doing so will limit the functionality of our app.

Collection and Use

By enabling location services, you enable our app to collect real time information about one’s location, bearing, and speed. This information is used by our app to provide navigation functionality as well as a convenience for several features like filtering and adding wrecks.

Sharing Your Information

Marine Wrecks stores all information locally to the devices memory. While all public domain wreck data will be pushed out by our servers (as opposed to being provided in the app itself at launch), no private data that is inputted will be transmitted or stored remotely without explicit permission. I.e. if you add a wreck, we won’t see it, share it, or publish it without you knowing.


All of the private data will be stored only on the device itself and can be viewed anytime by anyone who launches the app. This data is protected by Apple’s default security which includes encryption, sandboxing, and ASLR.


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